Slinger Bag offers a standard 1-year limited warranty which covers manufacturing defects.

At the link below please find your Slinger Bag User Guide. Please study this carefully before using your Slinger Bag on court. Most important is to immediately charge the battery overnight to ensure it is at maximum capacity before its first use.

Please ensure you refer to the Slinger Bag User Guide for instructions on charging your Slinger Bag battery.

Slinger® Slingshot T-One Launcher & Oscillator User Manual

Please take time to watch the Slinger Bag Instructional Video which can be viewed below.

All of us at Slinger are eager to get immediate feedback on your experience with your Slinger Launcher and accessories – both from opening the carton and examining the products to, of course, using it on-court. Please post comments and reactions on social media using #myslingerbagSA.  If you have any questions on how to use or set up your Slinger please contact us at or refer to the User Guide.

There is also a Facebook group called SLINGER owners forum.