A better launcher experience

Our Story

We started Slinger with the simple idea: every tennis lover in the world should be able to own their own tennis ball machine.

Our passion for racquet sports, led us to expand our vision to Pickleball and (soon) Padel.

Racquet sports are known as lifetime sports, and we are a company who wanted to help racquet sport lovers all over the world to enjoy their sport even more.

What started as an idea for a more affordable, portable and accessible ball launcher has grown into a connected sports vision, as we add more features, technologies and products to the Slinger company, all with the intention to deliver the best possible playing experience to you.

Sports Reimagined

Our Vision

To make racquet sports more enjoyable and accessible to players of all ages and abilities, all over the world. Whether you are new to a sport, a rising junior, or a polished professional or coach, Slinger is here to support you each and every time you step onto the court.

Our Mission

To innovate, design and develop portable, affordable ball launchers, and other practice equipment solutions for all ball sports.

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