Getting the most out of your Slinger Bag

Slinger Bag is the ultimate tennis partner because it is completely customizable to fit YOUR training needs. Use Slinger to create drills that will take your game to the next level. From beginner to pro, Slinger meets everyone’s needs.

Ball Boy: Practice your serves with ball boy mode. Place Slinger on the baseline next to you. Keep slinger on its lowest settings and do not turn on the oscillator. Slinger will feed you soft passes so you can work on setting up your serve.

Volleys: Set Slinger up on the opposite side of the court about halfway between the baseline and the net. Set Slinger to medium settings and stand in the same spot as Slinger just on the other side of the court. Enjoy improving your front hand and backhand volleys!

One-Handed Backhand: Place slinger on the same side of the court as you near the net facing you. Stand at the baseline. Make sure Slinger is set to medium or high settings to work on your one-handed backhand.

Forehand: Work on your forehand by setting Slinger up on the opposite baseline. Turn Slinger on to medium or high speeds and turn on the oscillator. From the opposite baseline, master your forehand shot.